Overtone Yurt

Overtone Analyzer 3.0 released

oa_2011-01-27 german vowels screenshotThe new version 3.0 of the sound analysis and singing teachers software “Overtone Analyzer” is out!

Bodo Maass, to many of you known as a profound bass in the choir, is the developer of the “Overtone Analyzer”. Some of you might remember the software from workshops at the EOC meeting, because our sound coach Wolfgang never gets tired to use it to bring us closer to the formants and to optimize the choral sound.

DVD_overtone_analyzer_free_500Free version

There’s a free version, which is invaluable for learning throat singing by notes. So if you already practice overtone singing you should download this version and start experimenting. It is fairly intuitive. And the new free user manual provides hundreds of tips.

Discounts for members of the choir

Choir members who want to use the professional tools of the software (pitch indication, vowel chart, recording, store …), might consider to buy a professional license: choir members can get a discount! Write to .