Bernd-Michael Sommer

Bernd-Michael Sommer composes for EOC

That overtone singing not necessarily is meditative and plangent demonstrates the composer and musicologist Bernd-Michael Sommer with his two new compositions which he composed for the European Overtone Choir. In the upcoming Easter Choir week in Rendsburg two new pieces by Sommer will be rehearsed: a new version of “Wach”, a very rhythmic piece that some of you already  rehearsed in another version, and the new also rhythmic work “Jubel” for SSATB a cappella and overtone improvisation. The work is also suitable for choirs that deal for the first time with overtone singing. The overtones are improvised, the technical demands of the overtone singing is not high.

Because it is a premiere, there are no recordings. These MIDI version gives a first impression: