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EOC Concert on Saturday, 04/06/2013

On Saturday, the 6th April at 19:30 clock,  the European Overtone Choir will present the results of an international week of rehearsals with a program of new choral sounds in the pavilion of Nordkolleg in Rendsburg. The technique of overtone singing is mastered by only a handful of choirs in the world. The ability of the singer to sing two notes at the same time with this unusual singing technique will cause some surprise, even in choir experienced listeners. Also choral improvisation with spherical soundscapes like film music, is better known  for choir-intensive countries such as the Baltic States and Scandinavia, than in the more conservative German choral world. The audience can expect a fascinating program of unconventional new choral music of this project of cultural understanding, a wellness bath in sounds. Admission to the concert is free!

Saturday, 06.04.2012 – 19:30 o’ clock

Nordkolleg – Pavillion
Am Gerhardshain 44  
24768 Rendsburg